AVA's Friendship Vaulting Team
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Friendship Vaulting Team USA was founded in 1995 to promote vaulting at large exhibitions, shows and fairs throughout the United States. Under the wing of Friendship Team Chair Priscilla G. Faulkner, the team is composed of silver and gold level AVA vaulters from across the country, and has demonstrated at a myriad of high-level events, from the inaugural demonstration at the Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event in 1995, to the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA, to the 2003 United States Equestrian Team Festival of Champions in Gladstone, NJ.

The Friendship Vaulting Team educates and entertains audiences across the nation. Their educational sessions cover topics such as safety dismounts, selecting the vaulting horse, starting the vaulting horse, compulsories, and moving from compulsories to freestyle.

The team entertains audiences in stunning performances, who show their appreciation with thunderous applause and by visiting the exhibit booth to get more information and ask the vaulters for autographs.

The AVA Friendship Vaulting Team is the embodiment of the "it takes a village" concept. Without a talented, cooperative, adaptable and loyal group of vaulters, horses, coaches and managers from across the country, the Friendship Team would not exist.

At each event the vaulters, horses, and coaches are different, and they must become acquainted, learn to work as a team and develop a new professional and safe performance just a few days prior to an event. The group has ranged in size from six to 24 vaulters and one to four horses. Friendship Team members are generally 14 to 20 years old.

Vaulting has become increasingly visible throughout the United States, and Friendship Vaulting Team USA has made a significant contribution with their efforts.