Safety and Vaulting

How does vaulting compare to other activities?

While it can be a thrilling spectator sport, vaulting is not only the safest of the equestrian disciplines, but it is documented safer than riding bicycles, playing on playground equipment, participating in baseball and softball, skating, soccer, and trampolines, among others.

Vaulting injuries are comparable to those seen in gymnastics, and AVA injury summary reports demonstrate that the majority of vaulting injuries are sprains. This is due to the Three Points of Vaulting Safety that distinguish it from the horseback riding disciplines.

A U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission report of head injury to children under 15 years of age associated with all types of consumer products demonstrates that total injuries are greatest for 1) bicycles; 2) swings/swing sets; 3) baseball/softball; 4) grocery/shopping carts; 5) monkey bars/playground equipment; 6) bunk beds; 7) carriers/car seats; 8) skating (all); 9) slides; 10) strollers; 11) baby walkers; 12) soccer; 13) playground equipment; 14) trampolines; 15) cribs, all; 16) ATVs; 17) high chairs; 18) hockey; 19) horseback riding. Both the U.S. and German records demonstrate that vaulting has a much lower incidence of injury than the other equestrian disciplines.