Compulsory Exercises

Vault-on (mount)

The vaulter starts from the center of the circle and runs out along the longe line to the horse's shoulders. As the horse is approached, the vaulter turns and canters parallel to the horse, in rhythm with the horse's forelegs. While facing forward, next to the surcingle, the vaulter reaches up and takes the surcingle grips. The vaulter then jumps forward onto both feet, legs angled forward. The vaulter uses the horse's forward and upward motion to add energy to the jump-off. The head is lowered and the outside leg is raised as high as possible, lifting the hips above the head. The inside leg remains stretched downward. When the hips reach their highest point, the vaulter lowers the stretched outer leg and comes to a soft landing, upright and centered on the horse's back.

At the completion of the Vault-on, the vaulter is seated astride the horse, centered behind the surcingle, hands on both grips. For maximum credit, the outside leg should nearly reach the vertical, and the arms should extend into handstand position from the grips. Lesser scores are awarded for lower angles, arms not extended, shoulders higher than hips at the highest point.

Deductions are made for

  • hips and shoulders not parallel to the horse's as the vaulter springs up
  • left leg not stretched down
  • right leg not stretched from the hip
  • off-center landing
  • landing too far back and having to correct