Compulsory Exercises


Beginning in seat astride, the vaulter swings lightly into a kneeling position, and then hops onto both feet, with the head remaining up and looking forward. Feet remain stationary with the vaulters weight distributed evenly over the entire sole of the foot, pointed forward, with the legs close together. The surcingle grips are released simultaneously, and the vaulter rises smoothly into a standing position, shoulders and hips centered over the ankles. The arms are brought up to extend outward in a straight line, fingers together, palms down, with the fingertips held level with the vaulter's eyes. This position is held for four canter strides, while the hips, knees, and ankles absorb the horse's rocking motion and the upper body held still. At completion, the vaulter retakes the grips—looking forward with head up—and slides gently back into seat astride.

Deductions are made for:

  • feet or knees not facing forward
  • feet wider than hips
  • feet in step position