Compulsory Exercises


From seat astride, the vaulter swings lightly into a kneeling position with both legs moving together, weight taken by the arms to permit a soft landing, head facing forward, legs diagonally across the horse's back to the outside, and weight distributed from knee to toe.

The inside arm and outside leg are raised simultaneously to a stretched position even with the top of the head, forming a smooth arc from the hand to the foot from the side, and aligned with the horse's back from the top.

Shoulders and hips are held parallel to the ground, with the shoulders above the surcingle grips. The Flag is held for four canter strides, after which the vaulter retakes the grip with the inside hand while simultaneously stretching both legs down, sliding gently back into seat astride.

Deductions are made for:

  • poor elevation
  • shoulder or hips not level
  • arm and leg not raised simultaneously
  • supporting leg not fully in contact with the horse
  • outside leg stretched downward before being raised
  • returning to kneel before seat astride