Compulsory Exercises

Basic Seat

From the seat astride position at the end of the Vault-on, the grips are released and both arms brought up simultaneously to extend outward in a straight line, fingers together, palms down, with the fingertips held level with the vaulter's eyes. From the side, shoulder, hip and heel form a straight vertical line, and the arms are aligned with the ear. Legs are stretched downward, maintaining contact with the horse, and the shin, ankle and toes form a straight line. The back is straight (not arched) and the hips absorb the rocking motion of the horse, upper body held still. The head is held upright, eyes straight ahead. The Basic Seat is held for four canter strides, and at the completion, the vaulter retakes both grips simultaneously returning to seat astride.

Deductions are made for

  • excessive arch of the back
  • legs too far forward
  • incorrect posture, stiffness