Our Champions: 2013
The following is the most complete list available of AVA National Champions. If you have spelling, club and/or horse corrections or additions, please email them to the webmaster.

2013 AVA/USEF National Vaulting Championships
National Western Center, Denver, Colorado

A Team
1. Mt. Eden Sun Team with Urfreund Rosengaard, Lunger: Emma Seely

Vaulters: Makayla Clyne, Alexandra Thrasher, Elizabeth Ioannou, Mackenzie Thurman, Bodhi Hall, Michelle Guo, Tasha Thorner.

2. Warm Beach Revelation with Promise/Prize.

B Team
1. Warm Beach Chronicles with Promise/Prize, Lunger: Elise Vasquier/Patti Skipton
Vaulters: Daniel Janes, Chad Andrews, Ruth Valsquier, Kaleb Patterson, Allison Mitchel, Courtney Cavinaw.

2. Mt. Eden Bollywood with Sir James.

C Team
1. Above and Beyond/Apex Avant Garde with Curious George, Lunger: Saacha Deamborossio
Vaulters: Camille Birch, Melissa Peterson Leandra Essman, Kristina Belarde, Samantha Fehr, Maleah Gallagher, Natascha Cooper.

2. Mt. Eden Avengers with Sunny Boy

3. Mile-High Colorado Peaks with Xena/Sampson.

Trot Team
1. Above and Beyond/Cascade Madagascar with Curious George, Lunger: Saacha Deamborossio
Vaulters: Sienna Pioli, Abbi Cormier, Andrea Friesen, Izzy Pioli, Ava Grosjean, Micah Avery, Anna Christensen.

2. Warm Beach Genesis with Promise/Faith
3. Technique Spaniards with Tong Du Chon.y

Open Pas de Deux
1. Cassidy Palmer/Kimberly Palmer, Half Moon Bay with Cheval, Lunger: Carolyn Bland

2. Leah Coe/Kristy Nicolo, Golden Gate with Flash
3. Kalli Roberts/Daniel Janes, Warm Beach with Prize.

Preliminary Pas de Deux
1. Hannah Beehler/Carlee Heger, Mile-High with Shelby, Lunger: Jodi Rinard
2. Rowan Bender/Colby West, Zero Gravity with Chamomile.

Gold Women
1. Elizabeth Ioannou, Mt. Eden with Urfreund Rosengaard, Lunger: Emma Seely

2. Mary McCormick, Pacific Coast with Hudson

3. Emily Addison Hogye, Woodside with Stanford.

Gold Men
1. 1. Kristian Roberts, Half Moon Bay with Hudson. Lunger: Carolyn Bland

2. Eric Garcia, Tambourine with Trooper/Moony

Silver Women

1. Siddartha Kreaden, Woodside with Limerick, Lunger: Krista Mack

2. Ruby Robinson, Pacific Coast with Cheval

3. Hadessah Rynning, Warm Beach with Prophet/Prize

Silver Men
1. Kaleb Patterson, Warm Beach with Prize/Promise, Lunger: Patti Skipton
2. Matthew Shubert, Vaulters del Sol with Fortunada
3. Nicholas Cox, Diamond Bar with Orion.

Bronze Women
1. Kristin Kuhn, Woodside with Limerick, Lunger: Krista Mack

2. Josslyn Tonge, Morning Star with Wyeth

3. Miranda Marcantuno, Vaulting Visions with Bolero

Bronze Men
1. Daniel Janes, Warm Beach with Promise/Prize, Lunger: Elise Valsquier/Patti Skipton
2. Luke Overton, Warm Beach with Ezekiel
3. Chad Andrews, Warm Beach with Promise/Prize.

Copper Women
1. Carlee Heger, Mile-High with Xena/Shelby, Lunger: Jodie Rinard
2. Haley Smith, Golden Gate with Ebony
3. Sierra Smith, Golden Gate with Ebony.

Copper Men
1. Sequoia Thomas, Lazy River with BHR John Boy Joe, Lunger: Valerie Carter
2. Burton Brooks, Technique with Xena/Sampson

3. Gabriel Carlson, A Vaulting Connection with Caspian/Avenir.

Trot Women
1. Helen Mills-Selch, Blue Star with Prince, Lunger: Nicole d’Auriol
2. Eleanor Bannerman, Vaulting Visions with Belle
3. Izzy Pioli, Above and Beyond with Curious George.

Trot Men
1. Ari Sanders, Technique with Tong du Chon, Lunger: Chase Kaylor
2. Jim Roedel, Mile-High with Shelby
3. Garrott Ford, Mile-High with Shelby.

Open 2-Phase Team
1. Pacific Coast with Cheval, Lunger: Carolyn Bland
2. Vaulters del Sol with Fortunada
3. Los Angeles Equestrian with Wyeth.

Preliminary 2-Phase Team
1. A Vaulting Connection exception with Caspian, Lunger: Karin Schmidt
2. Technique with Ranger

2012 Participating Clubs
Participating Clubs:
A Vaulting Connection/Therapeutic Horse Connection
Above and Beyond
Beyond the Rainbow
Blue Devils Horse Platoon
Blue Star
Cedar Lodge
Complete Equestrian
Diamond Bar
Golden Gate
Great Falls
Half Moon Bay
Harbor View
JT Ranch
Lazy River
Lone Star
L.A. Equestrian
Morning Star
Mt. Eden
Oak Hills
Pacific Coast
Renaissance Farm
Root Farm
Silver Moon,
Stellar's Stars
The Riding Academy
Valley View
Vaulters Del Sol
Vaulters of Ice Pond Farm
Vaulting Academy
Vaulting Visions
Warm Beach
Zero Gravity
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