Our Champions: 2012
The following is the most complete list available of AVA National Champions. If you have spelling, club and/or horse corrections or additions, please email them to the webmaster.

2012 AVA/USEF National Vaulting Championships
Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, Kentucky

A Team
1. Mt. Eden Sun Team with Urfreund Rosengaard, Longeur: Emma Seely
Vaulters: Alexandra Thrasher, Elizabeth Ioannou, Tasha Thorner, Florence Rubinger, Bodhi Hall, Michelle Guo, George Joseph Gadd.
2. Woodside Greek Gods with Caspar 28
3. Warm Beach Revelation with Prophet

B Team
1. Team Genesis with Bolero/Janyck, Longeur Alison Gieschen
Vaulters: Kristina Koen, Jessie Price, Katie Gieschen, Flank, Jessica Weiland, Miranda Marcantuno, Kate Appleby-Wineberg, Mary Schmidlein.
2. Warm Beach Chronicles with Prize
3. Mt. Eden JAM with Lanson 16

C Team
1. Woodside Vaulters with Pepper Jack, Longeur: Kalyn Geisler
Vaulters: Ellie Gifford, Sarah Dunn, Christine Herrmann, Rachel Polati, Holly Kuhn, Kristen Kuhn.
2. Mt. Eden Tanglers with Sunny Boy
3. Warm Beach Exodus with Ezekial/Prize

Trot Team
1. Technique Stars with Tong du Chon, Longeur: Kim Kaylor
Vaulters: Amanda Haiker, Shaina Hammond, Burton Brooks, Alyssa Stoddard, Lianna Burgener, Malia Brown, Catherine Lowry.
2. Woodside/Mt. Eden Team Mountainside with Isabella
3. Bluegrass Composite with Sandy

Open Pas de Deux
1. Blake Dahlgren/Megan Benjamin, Mt. Eden/Los Angeles Equestrian Center with Sampson, Longeur: Jodi Rinard
2. Kelsey Trainor/Lindsey Anderson, Diamond Bar with Sampson
3. Christina Hogg/Kimberly Pritchett, VorTex with Samson

Preliminary Pas de Deux
1. Maya Lesenten/Ana Louis, Lone Star with Fabio, Longeur: Melanie Schaubhut

Gold Women
1. Mary McCormick, Mt. Eden with Cheval, Longuer: Carolyn Bland
2. Mary Garrett, Pacific Coast with Cheval
3. Kimberly Palmer, Half Moon Bay with Highwater Bay

Gold Men
1. Kristian Roberts, Half Moon Bay with Highwater Bay. Longeur: Carolyn Bland
2. George Joseph Gadd, Mt. Eden with Sunny Boy
3. Colton Palmer, Half Moon Bay with Highwater Bay

Silver Women
1. Grace Robinson, Pacific Coast with Cheval, Longeur: Carolyn Bland
2. Alexsandra Schaubhut, Lone Star with Fabio, Longeur: Melanie Schaubhut
3. Emily Rose, Pacific Coast with Cheval

Silver Men
1. Geoffrey Woolson, Los Angeles Equestrian Center with Wyeth, Longeur: Blake Dahlgren
2. Nicholas Cox, Diamond Bar with Dublin/Sampson
3. Kaleb Patterson, Warm Beach with Prize/Prophet

Bronze Women
1. Janie Salisbury, Woodside with Caspar 128, Longeur: Krista Mack
2. Sarah Dunn, Woodside with Agado/Caspar 128
3. Bodhi Hall, Mt. Eden with Sunny Boy/Lanson 16

Bronze Men
1. Jonathan Baird, Technique with Dublin, Longeur: Jake Fluekiger
2. Dylan Peterson, Technique with Dublin
3. Daniel Janes, Warm Beach with Ezekial

Copper Women
1. Josslyn Tonge, Morning Star with MonCouer, Longeur: Deb DeVries
2. Caroline Morse, Mt. Eden with Sunny Boy
3. Molly Grace Thornton, Falconwood with Moses

Copper Men
1. Andres Castillo, Diamond Bar with Avenir, Longeur: Karin Schmidt
2. Sequoia Thomas, Lazy River with Orion/Dublin
3. Peter Senn, Root Farm with Avenir

Trot Women
1. Miki Yang, Woodside with Isabella, Longeur: Kalyn Geisler
2. Eleanor Bannerman, Vaulting Visions with Belle
3. Helen Mills-Selch, Blue Star with Prince

Trot Men
1. Mikhail Proctor, Unbridled with Sandy, Longeur: Ruthann Goodrich
2. Burton Brooks, Technique with Tong du Chon
3. Dillon Hunter, Technique with Miss Fire Opal

Open 2-Phase Team
1. Image Vaulters with Pete, Longeur: Jennifer Williams
Vaulters: Julia Robinson, Stephanie harris, Katelyn Berube, Lucie Jacobson.
2. Diamond Bar with Avenir
3. Sunshine with Calypson

Preliminary 2-Phase Team
1. Technique with Dublin, Longeur: Jake Fluekiger
Vaulters: Jonathan Baird, Dylan Peterson, Sydney Lambert, Josiana Goodman

2012 Participating Clubs
Participating Clubs:
A Vaulting Connection
Bear Gap
Beyond the Rainbow
Blue Devils
Blue Star
Cedar Lodge
Diamond Bar, EVX
Golden Gate
Great Falls
Half Moon Bay
Image, Lazy River
Lone Star
Los Angeles Equestrian
Meadow Creek
Meadow Lake
Morning Star
Mt. Eden
Mt. Tabor
Northern Lakes
Pacific Coast
Renaissance Farm
Root Farm
Silver Moon
Steel City
The Riding Academy
Vaulting Visions
Warm Beach
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