Our Champions: 2010
The following is the most complete list available of AVA National Champions. If you have spelling, club and/or horse corrections or additions, please email them to the webmaster.

2010 AVA/USEF National Vaulting Championships
Earl Warren Showgrounds, Santa Barbara, California

A Team
1. F.A.C.E. with Palatine
Vaulters: Devon Maitozo, Rosalind Ross, Annalise VanVranken, Mary Garrett, Mari Inouye, Emily Hogye, Karly Frankel-Newman. Longeur: Carolyn Bland
2. Sundae Rush (Showtime/Half Moon Bay/Pacific Coast) with Sovira
3. Mt. Eden A Team with Sunny Boy

B Team
1. Woodside B Team on Caspar 128
Vaulters: Kathryn Jaggers, Molly Gould, Julia Plungy, Ellie Gifford, Katrina Salisbury, Sarah Dunn. Longeur: Krista Mack
2. Pacific Coast with Wyeth/Cheval
3. Mt. Eden B Team with Sir Jamees

C Team
1. Lone Star/Gold Star Pacesetters with Fabio/Gustauff
Vaulters: Trey Lasater, Kimberly Pritchett, Maya Lesenten, Alex Schaubhut, Ana Louis, Christina Hogg, Courtney Madden. Longeurs: Melanie Schaubhut/Tom Pritchett
2. Valley View C Team with Waldmeister/Odyssey
3. Mt. Eden C Team with Aspen

Trot Team
1. Warm Beach/Above and Beyond with Promise/Praise
Vaulters: Rowan Bender, Ruth Valsquier, Danielle Lindstrom, Camille Birch, Brittany Painter, Madison Jaynes, Stacey Phillips. Longeurs: Jeannie Patterson/Patti Skipton
2. Woodside Trot Team with Isabella
3. Mile-High with Amidala

Gold Women
1. Mary McCormick, Mt. Eden with Sir Anthony Van Dyck (Pacific Coast). Longeur: Poppy Coulter (Pacific Coast)
2. Megan Benjamin, Mt. Eden with Sunny Boy. Longeur: Emma Seely
3. Elizabeth Ioannou, Mt. Eden with Lanson 16. Longeur: Jessica Ballenger

Gold Men
1. Devon Maitozo, FACE with Palatine. Longeur: Carolyn Bland
2. Kenny Geisler, Mt. Eden with Gustaff/Sunny Boy. Longeur: Emma Seely
3. Todd Griffiths, Mt. Eden with Lanson 16. Longeur: Jessica Ballenger

Silver Women
1. Kelly Moore, Golden Gate with Oliver/Smokin' Joe. Longeurs: Yossi Martonovich/Noel Martonovich
2. Mikalah Bowman, Golden Gate with Oliver/Flash. Longeurs: Yossi Martonovich/Noel Martonovich
3. Emily Hogye, FACE with Buddy. Longeur: Mona Hogye (Brookside)

Silver Men
1. Joey Gadd, Mt. Eden with Gustaff. Longeur: Emma Seely
2. Colton Palmer, Half Moon Bay with Highwater Bay/Hudson. Longeur: Jill Palmer
3. Kaleb Patterson, Warm Beach with Promise/Peace. Longeur: Jeannie Patterson

Bronze Women
1. Grace Robinson, Pacific Coast with Wyeth/Cheval. Longeur: Poppy Coulter
2. Adria Revell, Mt. Eden with Vermeer. Longeur: Olivia Swan
3. Rachel Herrera, Valley View with Waldmeister. Longeur: Rick Hawthorne

Bronze Men
1. Malik Finney, Cedar Lodge with Dillenger. Longeur: Carolyn Conner (Morning Star)
2. Neal Iversen, Ecco Ridge with Toby. Longeur: Christine Hull
3. Matthew Shubert, Vaulters del Sol with Fortunada. Longeur: Greta Shryock

Copper Women
1. Hadessah Rynning, Warm Beach with Peace/Promise. Longeurs: Mark Vernacchia/Patti Skipton
2. Kalli Roberts, Warm Beach with Peace/Promise. Longeurs: Mark Vernacchia/Patti Skipton
3. Christina Hogg, Gold Star Pacesetters with Gustauff. Longeur: Tom Pritchett

Copper Men
1. Nicholas Fujii, Tambourine with Tank. Longeur: Kelley Holly
2. Nicholas Cox, The Riding Academy with Sheza Skeeto Bunny. Longeur: Roy Hill
3. Luke Overton, Warm Beach with Peace. Longeurs: Mark Vernacchia/Patti Skipton

Trot Women
1. Katherine Salisbury, Woodside with Isabella. Longeur: Lisa Plungy
2. Camille Birch, Warm Beach with Promise/Praise. Longeurs: Jeannie Patterson/Patti Skipton
3. Rowan Bender, Above and Beyond with Lady Mae. Longeur Jodi Rinard (Mountain Wind)

Trot Men
1. Jonathon Hamilton, Southern Stars with Sir Henry. Longeur: Peggy Van Hook (Lompoc)
2. Andrew Valazquez, Vaulters del Sol with Maggie. Longeur: Gretta Shryock
3. Erich Rohrer, Silver Moon with John Boy Joe (Albuquerque). Longeur: Yossi Martonovich (Golden Gate)

Open 2-Phase Team
1. Rockin' Silver Visions (Silver Bay/Vaulting Visions/Rockin' L and D Ranch) with Jacadi de Rox
Vaulters: Ashley Ondaro, Katie Gieschen, Karensa Douglas, Florence Rubinger, Hannah Boyd. Longeur: Teresa Keville
2. Vaulters del Sol with Fortunada

Preliminary 2-Phase Team
1. Texas Stars (Gold Star Pacesetters/Lone Star) with Gustauff
Vaulters: Tray Lasater, Maya Lesenten, Ana Gabriela Louis, Christina Hogg, Kimberly Pritchett
2. Woodside with Pepper Jack
3. Valley View Top Gun with Waldmeister

Open Pas de Deux
1. Cassidy Palmer/Kimberly Palmer, Half Moon Bay with Hudson. Longeur: Jill Palmer
2. Nicole Czyzewski/Kelley Moore, Golden Gate with Smokin'Joe. Longeur: Noel Martonovich
3. Leah Coe/Mikalah Bowman, Golden Gate with Flash. Longeur: Noel Martonovich

Preliminary Pas de Deux
1. Matthew Shubert/Caroline Shubert, Vaulters del Sol with Sampson. Longeur: Jodi Rinard (Mile-High)
2. Katrina Nibbi/Hadley de Brine, Woodside with Pepper Jack. Longeur: Julie Divita
3. Christine Herrmann/Sarah Dunn, Woodside with Pepper Jack. Longeur: Julie Divita

2010 Participating Clubs
A Vaulting Connection (Grand rapids, MI)
Above and Beyond (Granite Falls, WA)
Albuquerque (Albuquerque, NM)
Better Late Than Never (Washougal, WA)
Beyond The Rainbow (Irondale, MO)
Blue Star (Suffolk, VA)
Brookside (Ben Lomond, CA)
Brookwood (Cornelius, OR)
Cascade (Belleveu, WA)
Cedar Lodge (Lawrence, MI)
Diamond Bar (Diamond Bar, CA)
Ecco Ridge (Newberg, OR)
F.A.C.E. (Woodside, CA)
Foxgrove (Soquel, CA)
Gold Star Pacesetters (Burleson, TX)
Golden Gate (Golden, CO)
Half Moon Bay (Half Moon Bay, CA)
Harbor View (Gig Harbor, WA)
Image (Chantilly, VA)
Lakeshore (Three Rivers, MI)
Lompoc (Lompoc, CA)
Lone Star (Austin, TX)
Meadow Creek (Olds, ALB, Canada)
Mile-High (Fort Lupton, CO)
Morning Star (Novato, CA)
Mountain Wind (Kettle Falls, WA)
Mt. Eden (Saratoga, CA)
Northwind (Hillsboro, OR)
Pacific Coast (Woodside, CA)
Phoenix (Orland, CA)
Piedmont (Delaplane, VA)
Renaissance Farm (Wilton, NH)
Rockin' L and D Ranch (Escondido, CA)
Shea-Rose (Marvin, NC)
Showtime (Visalia, CA)
Silver Bay (Cotati, CA)
Silver Moon (Suffolk, VA)
Sky (Canada)
Sky Mountain (Monroe, WA)
Southern Stars (Kingston, TN)
Spruce Valley (ALB, Canada)
Sunshine (Whitmore Lake, MI)
Tambourine (Petaluma, CA)
Technique Equestrian (Highland, UT)
The Riding Academy (Menifee, CA)
Topaz (Chantilly, VA)
Valley View (Lake View Terrace, CA)
Vaulters del Sol (Sandia Park, NM)
Vaulting Visions (Gibbstown, NJ)
Warm Beach (Stanwood, WA)
Willow Tree (Novato, CA)
Woodside (Woodside, CA)

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