Our Champions: 2006
The following are the most complete AVA National Champions lists available. If you have spelling, club and/or horse corrections or additions, please email item to the webmaster.

2006 AVA/USEF National Vaulting Championships
Industry Hills Expo Center, City of Industry, California

A Team
1. F.A.M.E. (Free Artists Mt. Eden): Mt. Eden/F.A.C.E. Composite on Gustaff (F.A.C.E.)/Mozart (F.A.C.E.)
Vaulters: Blake Dahlgren, Devon Maitozo, Rosey Ross, Megan Benjamin, Annalise Van Vranken, Eelizabeth Ioannou, Katie Richie. Longeur: Carolyn Bland (F.A.C.E.)
2. Diamond Bar/Half Moon Bay Composite Team on Davi'd (Diamond Bar)/Pixie (Half Moon Bay)
3. Woodside Vaulters on Giovanni/Lorino

B Team
1. Mt Eden SuperSquad on Rusty (Mt. Eden)/Comet (Golden Gate)
Vaulters: Morgan Rogers, Laura Yelavich, Eica Maglione, Jessica Muyo, Stephanie Schade, Heide Rothweiler, Jaylyn Babitch. Longeurs: Jessica Ballenger (Mt. Eden)/Erik Martonovich (Golden Gate)
2. Creekside on Gryffindor (Silver Bay)
3. Pacific Coast on Vinnie/Cheval

C Team
1. Pacific Coast on Vinnie/Bronson
Vaulters: Brittany O'Leary, Dusti Hausman, Cate Thomas, Sarah Flax, Minda Newhouse, Grace Robinson
2. Golden Gate/In Step Composite Team on Sargent/Doc
3. Tambourine on Diamond Rio/Tank

Trot Team
1.Mt Eden Earthlings on Danny Boy
Vaulters: Kayla Marchini, Joey Gadd, Ariana Barrett, Adria Revell, Makayla Clyne, Kate Morse
2. Valley View on Elle/Dan

Gold Women
1. Megan Benjamin, Mt. Eden on Paradox (Showtime)/Mozart (F.A.C.E.). Longeurs: Ingrid Hamar (Showtime)/Carolyn Bland (F.A.C.E.)
2. Mary McCormick, Mt. Eden on Donatello/Armani (Pacific Coast)
3. Elizabeth Osborn, Woodside on Giovanni/Moonlight

Gold Men
1. Devon Maitozo, F.A.C.E. on Prinz Pilot and Mozart. Longeur: Carolyn Bland
2. Kenny Geisler, Diamond Bar on Davi'd/Goliath
3. Blake Dahlgren, F.A.C.E. on Ravel (F.A.C.E.) and Cheval (Pacific Coast)

Silver Women
1. Katharine Wick, Woodside on Giovanni and Lorino. Longeur: Krista Poppenberg
2. Michele Stevens, Mt. Eden on Gryffindor (Silver Bay)/Amadeus (Mt. Eden)
3. Morgan Rogers, Mt. Eden on Nobel

Silver Men
1. Eric Garcia, Pacific Coast on Donatello/Bronson. Longeur: Jodie Howard
2. Alor Allred, Oak Hills on Sovira (Showtime)

Bronze Women
1. Cate Thomas, Pacific Coast on Donatello/Armani. Longeur: Jodie Howard
2. Elizabeth Ioannou, Mt. Eden on Amadeus
3. Alyssa Bonora, Woodside on Lorino/Pepper Jack

Bronze Men
1. David McIntyre, Albuquerque on John Boy Joe/Max. Longeur: Veronica Turner
2. Steven Patterson, Valley View on Waldmeister
3. Antal Balogh, Valley View on Waldmeister

Copper Women
1. Merina Rainville, Mt. Eden on Amadeus. Longeur: Emma Seely
2. Julia Plungy, Woodside on Pepper Jack
3. Karey Markham, Creekside on Cambria

Copper Men
1. Joshua Hall, Diamond Bar on Goliath. Longeur: Connie Geisler
2. Patrick Stevens, Creekside on Cambria
3. Damas Iversen, Flying Star on Rhubarb

Trot Women
1. Sydney Dexter, Flying Star
2. Ellie Gifford, Woodside
3. Rebecca Madden, Mile High

Trot Men
1. Joey Gadd, Mt. Eden
2. Cassidy Palmer, Half Moon Bay
3. Austin Phulps, Elkhorn

Open Two-Phase Team
1. Nu Balance on Rapier 9
Vaulters: Emily Reed, Leticia Solorzano, Krystal Elrod, Ashley Fenbury. Longeur: Christi Corroll
2. Pacific Moon: Pacific Coast/Half Moon Bay Composite Team, on Pixie (Half Moon Bay)

Preliminary Two-Phase Team
1. Mt. Eden's Dunham's Divas on Amadeus
Vaulters: Merina Rainville, Laura Yelavich, Jaylyn Babitch, Jessica Muyo. Longeur: Emma Seely
2. Diamond Bar on Hudson
3. Valley View on Waldmeister

Open Pas de Deux
1. Alethea Shelton/Erik Martonovich, Desert Wind on Comet (Golden Gate). Longeur: Noel Martonovich (Golden Gate)

2006 Participating Clubs
Agape (Eau Claire, MI)
Albuquerque (Albuquerque, NM)
Balance (Maidens, VA)
Brookside (Ben Lomond, CA)
Canyon View (Durham, CA)
Creekside (Saratoga, CA)
Desert Wind (Las Vegas, NV)
Diamond Bar (Diamond Bar, CA)
Elkhorn (Rio Linda, CA)
Emerald City (Lakebay, WA)
F.A.C.E. (Moorpark, CA)
Flying Star (West Linn, OR)
Golden Gate (Golden, CO)
Great Falls (Great Falls, VA)
Half Moon Bay (Redwood City, CA)
In Step (Cedar Hill, TN)
Iron Mountain (Lake Oswego, OR)
Lazy River (Corrales, NM)
Lions Gate (Albuquerque, NM)
Lompoc (Lompoc, CA)
Mile-High (Fort Lupton, CO)
Mt. Eden (Saratoga, CA)
Mt. Rainier (Buckley, WA)
Nu Balance (Citrus Heights, CA)
Oak Hills (Provo, UT)
Pacific Coast (Woodside, CA)
Phoenix (Orland, CA)
Showtime (Visalia, CA)
Son Rise (Vancouver, WA)
Starlite (Clovis, CA)
Tambourine (Petaluma, CA)
Topaz (Chantilly, VA)
Valley View (Lake View Terrace, CA)
Vaulting Visions (Swedesboro, NJ)
Virginia (Chantilly, VA)
Western Slope (Delta, CO)
Woodside (Woodside, CA)

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