Our Champions: 2004

The following are the most complete AVA National Champions lists available. If you have spelling, club and/or horse corrections or additions, please email them to the webmaster.

2004 AVA/USEF National Vaulting Championships
Virginia Horse Center, Lexington, Virginia

A Team
1. Mt. Eden on Jacky
Vaulters: Stephanie Freedman, Morgan Rogers, Alexis Garrod, Olivia Swan, Brittany Dutra, Megan Benjamin, Megan Lanfri, Hannah Boyd. Longeur: Emma Drinker

B Team
1. FACE/Half Moon Bay/Silver Bay/Tambourine Composite on Gryffindor (Silver Bay)
Vaulters: Jordan Hansen, Julie Keville, Tisa Dobin, Florence Rubinger, Kimberly Palmer, Tricia Thompson, Camille Kusin. Longeur: Teresa Keville (Silver Bay)
2. Vaulters of Ice Pond on Maggie
3. Silver Star on High Hat Andy

C Team
1. Half Moon Bay/Woodside Composite on Babs (Diamond Bar)
Vaulters: Jo Pearson, Briana Olsen, Ali Divita, Elizabeth Osborn, Cassidy Palmer, Katharine Wick, Anne Lewis. Longeur: Connie Geisler (Diamond Bar)
2. Valley View on Waldmiester
3. Vaulting Visions on Janyck

Trot Team
1. Topaz/Virginia Vaulters Composite on Andromeda (Topaz)
Vaulters: Rachel Sykes, Margaret McLain, Kelly Hecker, Madelyn Hafner, Morgan Dalby, Madison Lee, Liam Smith. Longeur: Michael Strauss (Topaz)
2. Falconwood/Albuquerque Composite on Butterscotch (Falconwood)

Gold Women
1. Megan Benjamin, Mt. Eden on Faronia. Longeur: Emma Drinker (Mt. Eden)
2. Julie Keville, Tambourine on Duke (Blue Star)/Janyck (Vaulting Visions)/Gryffindor (Silver Bay)
3. Mary McCormick, Silver Star on Espoir Ardent (Blue Star)

Gold Men
1. Blake Dahlgren, F.A.C.E. on Diesel (Small Wonder)/Janyck (Vaulting Visions). Longeur: Alison Geischen (Vaulting Visions)
2. Kenny Geisler on Goliath/Babs (Diamond Bar)
3. Chris Littman, F.A.C.E. on Diesel (Small Wonder)/Gumby (Falconwood)

Silver Women
1. Ali Divita, Woodside on Olano (Falconwood)/Gumby (Falconwood). Longeur: Priscilla B. Faulkner (Falconwood)
2. Elizabeth Osborn, Woodside on Olano (Falconwood)/Gumby (Falconwood)
3. Megan Lanfri, Mt. Eden on Jacky

Silver Men
1. Todd Griffiths, Oak Hills on Goliath (Diamond Bar)/Babs (Diamond Bar). Longeur: Connie Geisler (Diamond Bar)
2. Michael Belisle, Vaulters of Ice Pond on Maggie/Mirabelle
3. Jesse Cooper, Falconwood on Olano/Gumby

Bronze Women
1. Tisa Dobin, FACE on Gryffindor (Silver Bay)longed by Julie Keville (Silver Bay)
2. Cassidy Palmer, Half Moon Bay on Gryffindor (Silver Bay)
3. Katharine Wick, Woodside on Paddington (Falconwood)

Bronze Men
1. Craig Kafura, Mt. Tabor on Ashlea. Longeur: Wayne Beisecker
2. Zachary Pitzer, Shea-Rose on Moses
3. Timothy Price-O'Brien, Mt. Tabo on Ashlear

Copper Women
1. Mary Garrett, Valley View on Waldmeister. Longeur: Rick Hawthorne
2. Kimberly Palmer, Half Moon Bay on Gryffindor (Silver Bay)
3. Evelyn Smith, Virginia on Nikki

Trot Women
1. Alexis Albright, Blue Star on Prince. Longeur: Nicole d'Auriol
2. Kelly Malone, Mare Willow on Abigail
3. Jamee Albright, Blue Star on Prince

Trot Men
1. Tristan Cobb, Mare Willow on Goldie (Great Falls). Longeur: Francie Dougherty (Great Falls)
2. Liam Smith, Virginia on Tessie
3. Michael Zielenski, Falconwood on Butterscotch

Open 2-Phase Team
1. Vaulting Visions on Janyck
Vaulters: Kristina Koen, Jessie Price, Kathryn Gieschen, Liana Folger. Longeur: Alison Geischen

Preliminary 2-Phase Team
1. University of Connecticut on UC Buckingham
Vaulters: Stephanie Harris, Jennifer Rego, Jae-Lyn Hecht, Carley Sauvageau, Sara Shannon. Longeur: Emily Flannagan
2. Diamond Bar on Snickers
3. Valley View on Waldmeister

Trot 2-Phase Team
1. Mare Willow on Kurt
Vaulters: Tristan Cobb, Kelly Malone, Caitlin Corvini, Adrienne Carr. Longeur: Emily Flannagan
2. Valley View on Ellie
3. Topaz on Andromeda

Open Pas de Deux
1. Greta Shryock (Albuquerque) and Jessie Cooper (Falconwood) on Gumby (Falconwood). Longeur: Priscilla B. Faulkner (Falconwood)

Preliminary Pas de Deux
1. Amy Dapper and Craig Kafura, Mt. Tabor on Ashlea. Longeur: Wayne Beisecker

2004 Participating Clubs
Agape (Eau Claire, MI)
Albuquerque (Albuquerque, NM)
Balance (Maidens, VA)
Blue Moon (Clarkston, MI)
Blue Star (Suffolk, VA)
Dare to Dream (Orange, MA)
Diamond Bar (Diamond Bar, CA)
Diamond E (Three Rivers, MI)
Emerald City (Lakebay, WA)
FACE (Moorpark, CA)
Falconwood (Covington, GA)
Golden Gate (Golden, CO)
Great Falls (Great Falls, VA)
Half Moon Bay (Redwood City, CA)
Hudson Valley (Gardiner, NY)
In Step (Cedar Hill, TN)
Lompoc (Lompoc, CA)
Mare Willow (Plymouth, MA)
Mile-High (Fort Lupton, CO)
Michigan State University (Clarkston, MI)
Mt. Eden (Saratoga, CA)
Mt. Tabor (Blacksburg, VA)
New England Valkyries (Littleton, MA)
North Stars (Howell, MI)
Oak Hills (Provo, UT)
Pacific Coast (Woodside, CA)
Parker Essential (Groton, MA)
Pinto Ranch (Menifee, CA)
Premier's Riding School (Sumter, SC)
Rolling Clover (Lakewood, CO)
Shea-Rose (Waxhaw, NC)
Shooting Stars (Mays Landing, NJ)
Silver Bay (Cotati, CA)
Silver Star (Springfield, TN)
Small Wonder (Milford, DE)
Tambourine (Petaluma, CA)
Topaz (Chantilly, VA)
University of Connecticut (Storrs, CT)
Valley View (Lake View Terrace, CA)
Vaulters of Ice Pond (Amston, CT)
Vaulting Visions (Swedesboro, NJ)
Victory (South Rockwood, MI), Virginia (Chantilly, VA)
Woodside (Woodside, CA)

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