Our Champions: 1984
The following are the most complete AVA National Champions lists available. If you have spelling, club and/or horse corrections or additions, please email them to the webmaster.

1984 AVA National Vaulting Championships
Bolado Park, Hollister, California

A Team
1. Timberline Gold
2. Timberline Silver
3. Sundance Vaulters

B Team
1. Timberline Huzzah
2. Mt. Eden
3. Pegasus

C Team
1. Timberline
2. Sundance
3. Mt. Eden

Trot Team
1. Timberline
2. Mt. Eden/Albuquerque Composite
3. Pegasus

Gold Women
1. Jeannette Boxall, Sundance
2. Marie Lemieux, Timberline
3. Leslie Pedersen, Timberline

Gold Men
1. David Long, Timberline
2. Craig Coburn, Hidden Hills
3. Brad Wells, Independent

Silver Women
1. Shannon Wilcox, Mt. Eden
2. Julie D'Atri, Sundance
3. Erin Petersen, Timberline

Silver Men
1. Mark Rocha, Timberline
2. Matt Bossenmeyer, Timberline
3. Kevin Cunningham, Timberline

Bronze Women
1. Andrea Howard, Timberline
2. Miki Powell, Pegasus
3. Brooke Becker, Timberline

Bronze Men
1. John Alongi, Timberline
2. Brett Petersen, Timberline
3. Scott Kimmel, Mt. Eden

Trot Women
1. Jennifer Baran, Pegasus
2. Lori Binder, Dry Creek
3. Rebecca Kirchner, Timberline

Trot Men
1. Brian Jones, Timberline
2. John Becker, Timberline
3. David Stephens, Mt. Eden

Advanced 2-Phase Team
1. Sundance
2. Rainbow Stretch

Preliminary 2-Phase Team
1. Mt. Eden
2. Rainbow Strength
3. Valley View

Gold 2-Phase Men
1. Brad Wells, Independent

Silver 2-Phase Women
1. Shannon Wilcox, Mt. Eden
2. Jayson Patterson, Rainbow
3. Sonia Hansen, Rainbow

Bronze 2-Phase Women
1. Shannon Manges, Valley View
2. Catherine DeLisser, Mt. Eden
3. Lana Schumacher, Mt. Eden

Bronze 2-Phase Men
1. Pat Siemens, Rainbow
2. Sheldon McNeil, Rainbow

1984 Participating Clubs
Albuquerque (Albuquerque, NM)
Dry Creek (Wheatland, CA)
Great Falls (Great Falls, VA)
Hidden Hills (Hidden Hills, CA)
Lompoc (Lompoc, CA)
Mt. Eden (Saratoga, CA)
Pegasus (Soquel, CA)
Rainbow (San Dimas, CA)
Sundance (Woodside, CA)
Sunrise (San Diego, CA)
Timberline, (Soquel, CA)
Valley View (Tujunga, CA)