Our Champions: 1981
The following are the most complete AVA National Champions lists available. If you have spelling, club and/or horse corrections or additions, please email them to the webmaster.

1981 AVA National Vaulting Championships
Bolado Park, Hollister, California

A Team
1. Timberline Gold
2. Hidden Hills
3. Mt. Eden

B Team
1. Shoreline
2. Midland
3. Timberline

C Team
1. Sundance
2. Rainbow Eagles
3. Central Valley

Trot Team
1. Timberline White
2. Pegasus
3. Timberline Purple

Gold Women
1. Sydney Stang, Sundance
2. Kendel Edmonds, Leprechaun
3. Leslie Pederson, Timberline

Gold Men
1. Danny Baker, Timberline
2. Kim Gussenhoven, Leprechaun
3. Craig Coburn, Hidden Hills

Silver Women
1. Marie Lemieux, Timberline
2. Sheila Reschar, Mt. Eden
3. Jeannette Boxall, Sundance

Silver Men
1. Steve Remde, Leprechaun
2. Jay Purvis, Midland
3. Eric Eggleston, Midland

Bronze Women (Division A)
1. Toni Amoroso, Ojai Valley
2. Shannon Wilcox, Mt. Eden
3. Jamie Baldwin, Sea View

Bronze Women (Division B)
1. Rose Reichert, La Mancha
2. Molly Cartwright, Timberline
3. Heather Colby, Shoreline

Bronze Men
1. Mike Engman, Sundance
2. Kevin Cunningham, Timberline
3. John Anchick, Timberline

Trot Women
1. Andrea Bailey, Pegasus
2. Brynn Ceccone, Timberline
3. Jana Burr, Pegasus

Trot Men
1. John Alongi, Timberline
2. Eric Snow, Leprechaun
3. Richard Gilles, Pegasus

A/B 2-Phase Team
1. Sundance
2. Shoreline
3. Freedom

C Team 2-Phase
1. Rainbow Eagles
2. Sundance, Woodside, CA

Gold 3-Phase Women
1. Kendel Edmunds, Leprechaun
2. Laura Jones, Sea View
3. Sydney Stang, Sundance

Gold 3-Phase Men
1. Danny Baker, Timberline
2. Kim Gussenhoven, Leprechaun
3. Craig Coburn, Hidden Hills

Silver 3-Phase Women
1. Karen Eggleston, Midland
2. Isabel Farnsworth, Mt. Eden/Great Falls
3. Jeannette Boxall, Sundance

Silver 3-Phase Men
1. Eric Eggleston, Midland
2. Jay Purvis, Midland

Bronze 3-Phase Women
1. Nicki Yanik, Freedom
2. Shannon Wilcox, Mt. Eden
3. Lori Wrigglesworth, Central Valley

Bronze 3-Phase Men
1. Matt Bossenmeyer, Rainbow Eagles
2. Mike Engman, Sundance
3. Richard Patterson, Rainbow Eagles

1981 Participating Clubs
Central Valley (Sacramento, CA)
Freedom (La Mirada, CA)
Great Falls (Great Falls, VA)
Hidden Hills (Hidden Hills, CA)
Kunia (Wahiawa, HI)
Leprechauns (Watsonville, CA)
Lompoc (Lompoc, CA)
Midland (Midland, TX)
Mt. Eden (Saratoga, CA)
Ojai Valley (Ojai, CA)
Pegasus (Soquel, CA)
Rainbow (Diamond Bar, CA)
Sea View (Los Gatos, CA)
Shoreline (Nicasio, CA)
Sundance (Woodside, CA)
Timberline (Soquel, CA)
Valley View (El Monte, CA)