Our Champions: 1979
The following are the most complete AVA National Champions lists available. If you have spelling, club and/or horse corrections or additions, please email them to the webmaster.

1979 AVA National Vaulting Championships
Bolado Park, Hollister, California

A Team
1. Leprechauns
2. Timberline Bouncers
3. Timberline Flyers

B Team
1. Timberline Toppers
2. Shoreline
3. Valencia

C Team
1. Leprechauns
2. Mt. Eden
3. Shoreline

Gold Women
1. Sydney Stang, Sundance
2. Sue Scherf, Mt. Eden
3. Laura Jones, Mt. Eden

Gold Men
1. Tim Gussenhoven, Leprechauns
2. Mike Hutchins, California Centaurs

Silver Women
1. Kendel Edmunds, Leprechauns
2. Eva Bryer, Mt. Eden
3. Ana Fort, Leprechauns

Silver Men
1. Brian Post, Leprechauns
2. Craig Coburn, Hidden Hills
3. Richard Silva, Maui No Kaoe

Bronze 3-Phase - Women
1. Lisa Marrack, Hilo
2. Leslie Keen, Mt. Eden
3. Anne Combs, Maui Nu Ke Oe

Bronze 3-Phase - Men
1. Brad Wells, Pinto Ranch
2. David Long, Timberline
3. Kenneth Hughes, Leprechauns

3-Phase A Team
1. Timberline

3-Phase B Team
1. Freedom
2. Valencia

3-Phase C Team
1. Pegasus
2. Central Valley
3. Pt. Reyes

1979 Participating Clubs
Brauna (Austria)
California Centaurs (Woodland Hills, CA)
Central Valley (Sacramento, CA)
Freedom (La Mirada, CA)
Hidden Hills (Hidden Hills, CA)
Hilo (Hilo, HI)
Hohenhamein (Germany)
Leprechauns (Watsonville, CA)
Lompoc (Lompoc, CA)
Maui No Kaoe (Maui, HI)
Midland (Midland, TX)
Mt. Eden (Saratoga, CA)
Pegasus (Soquel, CA)
Pinto Ranch (Hemet, CA)
Pt. Reyes (Pt. Reyes, CA)
Shoreline (Nicasio, CA)
St. Gallen (Germany)
Stuttgart (Germany)
Sundance (Woodside, CA)
Timberline (Soquel, CA)
Valencia (El Granada, CA)
Valley of the Sun (Scottsdale, AZ)