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Our Champions: 1976
The following are the most complete AVA National Champions lists available. If you have spelling, club and/or horse corrections or additions, please email them to the webmaster.

1976 AVA National Vaulting Championships
Malibu Riding and Tennis Club, Malibu, California

A Team
1. Hidden Hills
2. Leprechauns
3. Garrods

B Team
1. Pt. Reyes
2. Leprechauns
3. Garrods

C Team
1. Whidbey Island
2. San Rafael
3. Hidden Hills

Hi Pt. Kim Gussenhoven, Leprechauns

Hi Pt. Laura Jones, Chez Scherf

Hi Pt. Kendel Edmunds, Fort's Flyers

Open Doubles
1. Merrill Leffman/Paula Leffmann, Valley of the Sun
2. Emma Garrod/Janice Disotel, Garrod Farms
3 (ties). Sydney Stang/Sue Jordan, Laura Jones/Sue Scherf, Katie Leman/Tawny Passerello, Emma Garrod/Sue Jordan

Gold Freestyle
1. Emma Garrod, Garrod
2. Kim Gussenhoven, Leprechauns
3. Kathy Wright, Valley of the Sun

Silver Freestyle
1. Mike Sisul, Garrods
2. Paula Leffman, Valley of the Sun
3. Robin Kurtz, Pt. Reyes

Bronze Freestyle
1. Nancy Stevens, Timberline
2. Beatrice Golomb, San Rafael
3. Peggy Vaughn, Pt. Reyes

1976 Participating Clubs
Cal Poly (Pomona, CA)
Fort's Flyers (Oakland, CA)
Garrod Farms (Saratoga, CA)
Hawaii No Kai Oi (HI)
Hidden Hills (Hidden Hills, CA)
Leprechauns (Watsonville, CA)
McFarland (Los Angeles, CA)
Pt. Reyes (Pt. Reyes, CA)
San Rafael (Los Angeles, CA)
Timberline (Soquel, CA)
Valley of the Sun (Scottsdale, AZ)
Whidbey Island (Oak Harbor, WA)